Dead To Me (2 Seasons) A

The Sh'Pill:

When an offbeat and over-the-top woman, befriends a grief-stricken mother at an anonymous support group, these instant-fast friends give us more than we anticipated, and everything we never knew we needed. An engaging rollercoaster ride, full of suspense, laughter, tears, and a big mystery that unfolds, layer-by-layer, each and every episode.

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Breakout Season:

Season one is a real wonder layer that keeps peeling back more and more shocks. But some way and somehow, they manage to keep shocking us in season two as well? How? I wasn’t sure how they were going to keep the storyline going but somehow they’ve managed to do it, and brilliantly so.

Prescribed For:

Prescribed for those in need of a feel-good laugh with something light, and attention-grabbing, but not cheesy. Great if you’re coming off a dark series binge and wish to lighten the mood.


These fast-friends will leaving you feeling like you’re a friend, fast. You feel pleasantly surprised by the ending and eager to see another episode or season.

Cast & Chemistry:

This show has some of the best and smoothest cliff hangers you will see. Every show ending reveals something that makes you watch another episode.

Addiction Level:

2.5 Cocktails – Nize buzz. This show has some of the best and smoothest cliff hangers you will see. Every show ending reveals something that makes you watch “just one more” episode.


Original Network:


Places To Watch:


Episode Count:


Hard Pill to Swallow



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Exam Results:


Great pace and plot twists. Keeps you engaged the entire way through. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out… pivot!

Heart Effects:

There’s nothing too shocking that you’d need to be aware of. The first season is pretty bright, fluffy, and kinda PG. The 2nd season gets a bit more mature and sexier.

Recommended Follow-up:

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