Heroes (4 Seasons) Classic A-

The Sh'Pill:

A unique group of ‘everyday people’ with special powers must find each other to defeat a common enemy, and SAVE THE WORLD. Sounds simple, right? Except it’s not! Because while they’re learning about their newfound power, time is ticking and could all pass away, or rewind again. But whether the mission is completed or not, this ‘Cult Classic’ takes you on one heck of an adventure that is never forgotten. “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!”

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Breakout Season:

Hands down: Season 1! The Heroes storyline went through a lot of disappointing moments and choices after season one, due to the infamous TV Writers Strike that hit the television industry super hard in 2007-2008’ish. But fans waited with baited breath and heavy anticipation to see what would happen next to the characters that we fell so madly in love with in Season One. Although it lost some of its footing in Season Two, our mighty ‘Heroes’ did its best to regain momentum, with fresh characters, new developments, and more layers to the storyline, but true die hard fans just really wanted more screen time of our beloved originals who had us stuck like glue.

Prescribed For:

Although it seems it would be fitting for the younger crowd of television addicts, this show definitely appeals to all ages and television interests. Besides the action that you will crave more of, there are really well-written story arcs and character developments that will keep you hooked until the end. This is a great show to bond with the family or when you just really want something Marvel’esque, with more relatable everyday Heroes… I mean people.


Cast & Chemistry:

A lot of stellar actors and careers developed, or grew larger, after leaving the Heroes franchise because the chemistry was so strong, and so well-matched, that type of magic could have only happened with people at the top of their craft. Everyone played so well off of each other and were so in tuned with their characters that you either love them for a lifetime because of it… or you just hate them forever! But that’s just a testament of how good the cast chemistry and quality of actors were in this series.

Addiction Level:

3.5 Drinks (Woozy): This show starts off super addictive. And although you find a manageable intake pace by season three, you undoubtedly will already be “hooked”. Each episode leaves you with a bread crumb that you can’t help but to chase for “one more episode”. By the time you pick up the crumbs, you find that you’ve already been entrapped by your love for the characters, making you an addict for this show.


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Heart Effects:

There are some gory scenes that you might not want to sit through if you’re squeamish. But besides those little bits, and they are small, you’re only other caution advisory is to be patient after Season One. Although there are some frustrating changes that happen to, or with, the characters that you will fall in love with- this is definitely a cult classic series that you won’t want to miss out on because of it.

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