How To Get Away With Murder (6 Seasons) A+

The Sh'Pill:

A cunning defense law professor and a cutthroat criminal lawyer get her life intertwined with five of her top students because of a murder. Their commitment to protecting each other reached the extremes, resulting in more crimes and controversies. Can the brilliant lawyer manage to get away from all the crimes committed to conceal their original sin?

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Breakout Season:

Season one sets the stage for a roller coaster of twists and turns to come. Once the Keating 5 is chosen, things start to escalate rather quickly and the show moves ahead like a speeding train.

Prescribed For:

Fans of crime and legal dramas. It is also the best prescription for newbies and veteran drama watchers who love strong female leads.


You may find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions while watching this series. It would also be impossible for you to keep your eyes off the screen to find more clues about the plot twists.

Cast & Chemistry:

The stellar performances of the cast members made this drama one of the best TV series released in the mid-2010s. The dynamics between the characters became more interesting because of how the actors portrayed their roles.

Addiction Level:

3 Pills: The compelling story will make you want to finish at least one season in one day. You will also love the dynamics of the characters.


Original Network:


Places To Watch:

Hulu, Netflix Amazon Prime

Episode Count:


Every law school student in Philadelphia’s Middleton University wants to enroll in the defense course of the prominent criminal defense lawyer, Annalise Keating. But aside from having a slot in her class, everyone wants to be part of the prestigious Keating 5, an exclusive group of students who get to train with her in real court cases. But while working on various high-profile cases, the lawyer and her students had to do everything to protect each other and cover the evidence about their involvement in the death of Annalise’s husband. This drama also showed that evidence can be altered to avoid paying for one’s crimes, especially if you have an excellent lawyer.
Hard Pill to Swallow
The on-again, off-again alcohol addiction of the lead character can be annoying. It has become a major distraction in some of the most interesting plot twists of the drama.



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Exam Results:


This award-winning TV series excellently combined crime, legal, suspense, action, and drama in one show. The riveting events will keep you glued to your seats until you unearth the mysteries.

Heart Effects:

Some of the scenes are trigger-inducing. So avoid watching this series if you are sensitive about serious topics like murder, assault, and heinous crimes.

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