New Amsterdam (5 Seasons) A

The Sh'Pill:

Confronted with many obstacles while trying to provide the best health care in a renowned city hospital, a newly appointed medical director refuses to accept the limitations and bureaucratic confines he’s been warned to stay within. An uplifiting and thought-provoking series showing some of the best human conduct under some of the most challenging and frightening circumstances. It would portray how humans really can do better and improve, and so would inspire and energize us. there are many obstacles to deal with and the lead medical director’s character, Max, is confronted over and over again of how to provide best health care in a renowned city hospital. The actions, scenarios and realistic OR sequences astonished me for their vivid reality. Frequent exposure of the deep flaws in the U. S. health system is well-handled and dealt with by detailed research and genuine concern.

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Breakout Season:

“If you want to know the end, look at the beginning.” This show does a great job at drawing you in at season one and making you remember why you loved it in season 5. It’s not too often that shows properly come full circle but New Amsterdam remembered their way back to beginning at the end. The middle is a bit murky but it’s not always how you start, it’s how you finish.

Prescribed For:

A great medical RECOVERY DRAMA and also a great choice for someone who appreciates hospital dramas, without the overly-sophisticated medical terminology and writing, too scholarly to understand. This is something that feels a bit lighter on the writing, but heavy on the acting and character development. This show does great with solving the issues in the knick of time and ending on a positive note.


The show takes a turn seasons in and tries to be relatable to too many people and too many causes. Becoming to political and contreversial felt like it was pansdering to too many groups in an effort to please everyone. There are episodes that will definitely remind you that you are in fact watching a television show with plots and decisions that don’t necessarily align with realistic medical organizations, but with the relatable characters and fast moving storylines, you’ll quickly forgive, move on, and continue to invest in what’s to come.

Cast & Chemistry:

You just have to love Ryan Eggold as Max. He brings so much heart, passion, charm, and charisma, that we’ve come to love, to the role, making it easy to fan-ou and fall in love with immediately. The whole cast is phenomenal in the way that they truly care about each other, as a staff, and do almost anything necessary to save their patients, even if it means circumventing, or all-together changing the rules. With these highly charismatic actors, you’ll easily feel like you’re in the company of good, personal friends.

Addiction Level:

3 Pills: This show draws you in IMMEDIATELY and keeps a steady pace throughout. Can easily be addictive for some who might watch a season or two in one day, yet a great escape for those who have more self-control and are able to or must pace themselves.


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Truly a breath of fresh air. From Season 1- Episode one, until the end, you really can’t help but to attach to the characters and invest your heart into their full story arc. with compelling human stories.heart-wrenching in the continual presentation of life and death situations for patients and doctors

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