Pretty Little Liars (7 Seasons) A

The Sh'Pill:

Mystery cloaks the quaint and charming town of Rosewood after high school “Queen Bee”, Alison Di’Laurentis, suddenly goes missing. The lives of her friends Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily instantly turns upside down. When the estranged friends reunite, a year after the fateful night, a series of mysterious messages from “A” threatens to expose all their deepest and darkest secrets. Who would have thought that a set of pretty, talented, and smart high school girls were harboring dark secrets that could affect an entire town? As the mystery unfolds, the girls struggle to keep their sanity and friendship intact, despite the threats and problems that come their way.

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Breakout Season:

Although the biggest mystery and series of unfortunate events are introduced in Season One when the girls lose Alison, the plot really starts to unfold in SEASON TWO, when we get one step closer to discovering who “A” is and the cliff-hangers start to become actual nail biters.

Prescribed For:

Anyone who loves the thrill of solving mysteries. Newbies will also love the interesting combination of genres, including teen romance and coming-of-age plots. Old-time drama watchers, on the other hand, will love the never-ending plot twists and unexpected direction of the story.


There is a lot of unnecessary violence and murder in this drama. It is hard not to develop trust issues after watching this series. The amount of deceit and connivance in the story will make you think twice about the intensions of the people around you. You will also see plenty of bullying, illicit affairs, lies, and other petty crimes in every episode.

Cast & Chemistry:

There is no other set of cast members more perfect than the actors in this drama. Their chemistry exudes beyond the TV screen. Even the actors who portray the boyfriends of the FLs and their families are perfect for the roles.

Addiction Level:

3 pills. You will never get tired of watching the endless guessing game about the identity of “A” until the very last episode.


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Exam Results:


This is one of the most iconic teen thriller dramas you can ever watch on TV. The plot twists will keep you on the edge, especially when it involves “A.”

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