The 100 (7 Seasons) A-

The Sh'Pill:

Almost a century after a devastating nuclear apocalypse destroyed the Earth, the surviving human population is stuck in a space station called “The Ark”. Just when they are on the brink of using all of their resources, the Ark elders vote to send 100 ‘juvenile delinquents’ back to Earth to see if it is safe enough to support human life. But what they find when they land on Earth, could heavily add or subtract from The 100 sent down. Faced with struggles to deal with the unknown, and numerous challenges along the way, their plight for survival on the new and dangerous ground that they find, as well as the political ambitions of the Ark leaders above, causes factions to emerge they many struggle to overcome.

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Breakout Season:

Season 4 focuses on the threat of another nuclear apocalypse that will vanquish what remains of humanity. The main and supporting characters also faced difficult choices and moral conflicts as they try to prevent the apocalypse while dealing with individual struggles.

Prescribed For:

Older teens and adults may enjoy this drama due to its mature themes and spine-tingling violence. Newbies and regular watchers who like dystopian and post-apocalyptic stories with complicated moral dilemmas. But you may skip this show if you are sensitive to violence.


A thrilling and nerve-wracking adventure. Expect your pulse rate to increase while bingeing on these episodes. There are multiple problematic storylines throughout the drama and underdeveloped arcs. Several sensitive and mature themes may trigger strong emotions while watching the show. It features gore and graphic violence, sexual assault, self-harm and suicide, alcohol and substance abuse, and heavy discrimination.

Cast & Chemistry:

You can feel the strong bond formed within the cast of this drama while watching the episodes. It helped establish the authenticity in their roles.

Addiction Level:

3 Pills. The engaging plot and plot-twists will keep you on your toes throughout the series. Start watching and you’ll be at Season 4 before you’ve taken a bathroom break.


Original Network:

The CW

Places To Watch:

Netflix/Amazon Prime

Episode Count:



Hard Pill to Swallow



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Exam Results:


Throughout its seven seasons, this show became known for its complex characters, thought-provoking themes, and intense action sequences. If you like character-driven stories that focus on difficult moral dilemmas, then you will enjoy this drama. You will also like the addition of romance plots that made the show more relatable.

Heart Effects:

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