The Last Of Us (1 Season) A

The Sh'Pill:

Hailed as one of the best video game adaptations to ever be made on-screen. This perfectly casted series brings the Sony PS4 game version of a post-apocalyptic outbreak, 20 years after a deadly contagion, to life. When the majority of people are infected by a fungal mutation, of zombie proportions, that is transmitted by food and other infected “walkers”, turning mankind into violent creatures who’d kill for food, weapons, and survival supplies, a brave survivor and escapee girl, make their way across the country, fighting, and surviving the infected.

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Breakout Season:

Only one season in and already fans are anticipating seasons to come. This series breathes new life into the “old” zombie/post-apocalypse stories with a rave reviews for the first few episodes.

Prescribed For:

GAMERS UNITE: This one’s for you! Yes, everyone else will love it because it is so engaging that how could you not? But will they appreciate and understand it the way you do? Probably not. Just kidding. Whether you’ve played the game or not, if you’re in for a bit of action and acting, this is it!


This series leaves you on the edge of your seat, desperate to know where it’s going and what is happening next. Even if you’ve played the game and are aware of the storyline, there is something so captivating about this live-action version that keeping you engaged.

Cast & Chemistry:

The actors perfectly capture the essence of the video game characters and really bring back that sense of nostalgia felt when playing the game for the first time. Joel and Ellie are represented almost EXACTLY like their gaming characters. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are a force to be reckoned with. If you think Bella held her own in GOT, just wait until you see how she transforms into the Ellie character.

Addiction Level:

3.5 Pills! The twists and turns leave you on a rollercoaster. Just when you think you have the story figured out, you’re awake one extra hour to watch more!


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Exam Results:


This is NOT ‘just another zombie-apocalyptic, unrealistic snooze fest’. This series wins because it sticks as closely to the game as it possibly can. Many adaptations have fallen short with that.

Heart Effects:

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