The Umbrella Academy (2 Seasons) B+

The Sh'Pill:

When 43 Women around the world simultaneously give birth, 6 seemingly ‘special’ children are hand-chosen to be fostered in the famous “Umbrella Academy”, by a rich and famous ‘dad figure’ who vigorously trains and grooms them to one day “Save the World”. But can the world be saved when truths are hidden and lies are revealed about the one they thought they trusted most? If they can learn to trust each other, then maybe somehow, they’ll be able to overcome the impossible, scientifically or supernaturally.

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Breakout Season:

Season Two, All the way! Season One took a longer time to find its groove, but Season two more than made up for it when it came out of the gate swinging.

Prescribed For:

Great for all ages but at different times. Prescribed for someone who wants something light, with a bit of action, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Can totally catch up in one long weekend.


Cast & Chemistry:

By Season Two, the cast really start to complement each other well and are even a bit more believable as a family. The character arcs are more developed and the cast really starts to gel with a more defined storyline to follow.

Addiction Level:

2.5 Pills – A total Chill Pill! This can be a very laid back and easy watch, just as long as you don’t expect too much, to soon. Watch this show on “Cruise Control” and it will promisingly take you on a very unexpected ride. You will be free to watch at your leisure, without the obligation of losing too much sleep- unless you want to.


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Episode Count:


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Exam Results:


Heart Effects:

You have to be patient with the beginning of this build. There may be times when you’re unsure of where it is going but I can assure you that it DOES get better. Much better. Not only does it pick up in a great way, it becomes a pretty addictive and Fanatical Favorite.

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