Wednesday (1 Season) A+

The Sh'Pill:

Enrolled at a boarding school for outcasts, after being suspended in her hometown, Wednesday’s promised plans to escape the school are thwarted when she discovers an alarming and deadly situation that she feels led to investigate. But what she finds, and who’s involved, may surprise even the unlikeliest of fellows. You may think she’s grim, unsympathetic, and downright emotionless- and guess what? She is! But what did you expect? ‘Wednesday’s child is full of woe’. And Wednesday Addams is no ordinary child. Her wit, candor, and pessimistic realism are all apart of her gritty, dark charm, and one of the things that manage to make her relatable still. One thing’s for sure, she’s our favorite day of the week… every day.

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Breakout Season:

Only one season in so far and this series has managed to come out swinging. It didn’t take long for this series or version of Wednesday Addams to become a fan favorite.

Prescribed For:

All Audiences. Although this may appear to be a simple and juvenile teen show from the outside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and maybe even wowed, within the first 15 minutes of this series.


If this show is to be continued in the future, I think a great disservice was done to a few of the secondary storylines. Some of the characters’ story arcs were prematurely ended, leaving very little hope for a season two or more.

Cast & Chemistry:

A wonderful cast of characters with delightful on-screen chemistry. a lot of multi-level Storytelling also involved, giving most of the Characters a lot of depth.

Addiction Level:

4 Whiskeys- Straight. Wednesday’s catchy one liners will quickly draw you in and have you re-watching repeatedly just to catch another dose of her vibe!


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Exam Results:


An imaginative and fresher adaptation on the the cult classic Addams Family. Smartly written, well balanced, and more meat than bones- Tim Burton really came out swinging with Jenna Ortega as his special ingredient.

Heart Effects:

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